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Saturday, August 4th 2012

4:23 PM

Nude x preteens


Related article: The sun was starting to shine through as the breeze pushed the fog on. That
was always one of the nice things about the Marina District. The fog always
lifted and the sun came through earlier than other parts of the city. The
minute the fog dissipates, the blistering damp cold disappears. San
Francisco definitely noted for cold foggy summers. In fact, Mark Twain once
said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco!"
About halfway back around to the lagoon, the two skinheads came out of the
bushes suddenly. One grabbed me from the rear and held me as the other one
snatched my cap off, preteen love xxx gave me a couple of swift, hard pokes right in the
stomach and leered at preteen girl nakedpics me. They were loud, obviously stoned on something,
and reeked of alcohol. The one holding me from the rear said, "Would illeagel preteens you
look at the ponytail on this faggot - natural blond. Bet we could get some
serious cash for it Kyle. For once, I kept preteen holes my wits about me, figuring it
was now or never to break loose of these dudes, neither too steady on their
feet. I gave the guy in the back a jab in the nude adolescents preteen
rib cage with my right elbow
as I poked my ass against his groin pushing him away. As he staggered back,
my two arms gave the guy in front of me a hard push on his
shoulders. Thrown off balance, he fell backwards. As he was falling, I
snatched my cap from his hand and took off down the trail toward the
lagoon. I heard them shouting, "Fuck you dude, we will get you next time
and shave that preteen beauties nude ponytail off your fucking head too." I kept running, turned
my head back for a quick look at skinheads. Suddenly I ran right into the
Big Black Guy I had hoped to run into this morning. He caught me by the
shoulders, held me at arm length, looking down at me and asked. "You
alright kid? Those same two try to fuck with me one morning and I show them
who was the man. They took off running when I got through with them in the
bushes. They never give me no problem since neither." They were still
standing at a distance watching him holding me. He held me around the
shoulders, walked me right back up to them and said, "Boys, this here is my
Boy. I don't ever want to find out you been fucking with him again or I'll
make you both my bitches too. Now get out of here before I change my mind
and put this big dick down your throats again. Now apologize forum preteen sites
to my boy and
get your asses out of my sight." The each said, "Sorry kid," and headed off
down the trail.
He turned slightly and looked down into my eyes and said, "Well that should
take care of that don't you think boy? I answered, "Thank you Sir!" He
continued, "Good thing I came along when I did or they would have laid for
you around here every day until bleeding preteen pussy they tackled you again. How those ribs feel
where he poked you a couple of times?" I pushed on my lower rib cage and
winced. "Not too good Sir, pretty sore!" He said, "You're coming back to
the apartment with me so I can take a look at those ribs boy!" preteen small pussys All I could
say was, "Sir, yes Sir!" He was even bigger and more muscular that I had
remembered - good looking too, with his big shinny white teeth sparkling
surrounded by big beautiful puffy lips. His eyes were coal black; my nonude preteens so, the
whites were like a picture frame making them sparkle in the sunlight. His
facial expressions, high cheek bones, shaved head complemented his toned
muscular torso. His thighs were damn near as big as my waist. I looked
down at his feet and wondered how he ever found running shoes to fit
them. As we walked the three blocks down Bay Street to his apartment, I
realized he too only lived a short distance from me, corner of Bay and
Scott in another small apartment complex. It was older than most the
apartments, but clean and tidy. He lived on the first floor of the
four-story complex. I was quite surprised when we entered his small one
bedroom apartment that there was no sign of children or a wife, since he
was still wearing the wedding band. I asked, "Sir, the wedding band," with
a questioning look. He smiled, held it out, looked at it and said, "Yea,
divorced after 2 years of marriage. Found out I liked young blond white ass
one day more than I liked the wife. Now I wear it to keep the women away!"
He laughed, so I did not know if he was kidding or not.
"Say kid, what's your name anyway; come over here and let old Amos take a
look at those ribs?
"Joey Schmidt sir! My ribs feel much better now sir!"
"Take that cap and coat off; then take off your top so I can get a good
look at those ribs. We don't want no rib going through a lung!" As soon as
I was down to just my baggie pant's, shoes and socks he gently rubbed his
hands over my lower rib cage, pressing, poking and massaging. I winced as
he poked a couple of nude beach preteenz spots. "I think you're going to be fine, just a bit
sore for a couple of days. My Joey, your skin is flawless, white as snow."
He put his nose to my skin and inhaled!" Slide out of those shoes and socks
now, off with the britches and boxers too! Make it snappy son, I'm getting
a hard-on just looking and smelling you boy." I kicked off my shoes, socks,
loosened the tie on my pants, and let then slip down to my ankles. I
stepped out, went right to my knees right in front of him and buried my
nose in his crotch. He was wearing sweats with no support. I felt his semi
hanging down his left thigh and moved it back and forth with my nose and
face breathing in his masculine scent. His dick rose to the occasion until
I was working a monster against my cheeks. He untied the waistband and I
pulled down on the sweats until then fell to his ankles. I looked up into
his eyes and he was smiling down at me. I went right back to taking care of
servicing this beautiful hunk of black meat that was dangling before my
eyes. Talk about awesome, just as I had remembered it from before. He made
it bounce, putting pre-cum on my cheek a couple of times, then said, "Lick
it Joey Boy, start sexy preteens toplist with the balls son, just like before!"
I caught the stringer that was dropping from the head with my tongue then
went down and started nosing and licking on his huge danglers. "Chew on
them Joey, makes me really hot! erotic nude preteens Oh yea Baby! That be perfect! Suck, nip
and chew Baby! I like it rough Baby! Now do that up the shaft and to the
head Babe! YEA! YEA! YEA! FUCK EN A BABE!" He pulled back, pulled the
foreskin clear back, ran his fingers in my mouth and said. "NOW OPEN WIDE!
DOWN THE HATCH BABY!" Like before, it was big and massive, but pliable. It
bent right to the contours of my throat and down it went in one smooth
He removed the band holding my hair in a ponytail and brushed his two hands
through my loose hair. He took two hands full of my long locks, worked his
dick in and out of my throat like a pile driver, stopping every once in
awhile. He would hold it completely in me, telling me to swallow, work my
throat muscles more until I had to pound on his thighs with my fists for
air. When he eventually pulled back he shot his entire load over my face,
neck and chest, then scooped it all up with his fingers and fed it to me
off his fingers. He played with me, making me reach and lurch for his
fingers, nudist russian preteen as one feeds their pet, saying. "Up Girl! Get your treat! Good
Girl! That's my Girl," when I would jump off my knees for his fingers. He
made a game out of cleaning my body of his juices. He lifted me back up
onto my feet and smiled. His dick was still semi-hard, shinny and the head
only drooped slightly to the floor. It young preteen clit reminded me of a big black crooked
banana with huge veins running down the sides.
"Well Girl, shall we warm up that bottom now and see if we can give Amos a
nice taste of that sweet white boy pussy of yours?" He kicked off his
running shoes and socks, then worked the sweats off his ankles and threw
them on the couch. He lifted his sweatshirt up over his head leaving him
nude standing in front of me. He was beautiful standing there, like a black
beauty, rippling in muscles. His black chest covered with little swirls of
black coarse hair as covered his legs. He reminded me of Michael Jordan-
the same over all looks - handsome and macho masculine. I ran to my
pee-coat, pulled out a small tube of KY and a large Trojan, returned to
him. He said, "I want to eat that pinkie for awhile before we get to that
girl. You look delicious, bet you taste like sweet molasses." He lifted me
into his arms and carried me into his bedroom and dropped me on the bed,
dove right in after preteen anya gallery
me too. Before he did anything he said, "Don't you cum
baby until I give you the ok or you will get a taste of my paw on your
ass." He had my legs up, his big hands spreading my ass cheeks apart and
his face over my balls slurping and sucking almost instantly. As he worked
down over my perineum, he had me on fire inside. When he reached my pinkie
and saw I was wearing a butt plug, he said, "What the fuck," pulled it from
me and threw it across the room on to the floor. He went right back to what
he was doing. He circled my rosebud, licking and sucking it in and out with
those big suction cup lips of his until I felt his tongue enter me. I
moaned, "Oh Sir, that is heavenly sir!" His lips were like two big vices
pulling my pinkie into his mouth so he could actually nip and bite on my
pinkie lips before he would force his tongue back inside and slurp at my
Every one in awhile his head would pop up to check to make sure I had not
squirted my load. I just smiled down at him and he would go out of sight,
back to his pleasure. I would have let him do this forever, but soon he
came up for air, slipped on the rubber, lubed his cock and lubed me up as
well. I was moaning, "Please Sir! Please Sir! Yes, please put it in me
Sir!" I was so pre teen chatroom hairy preteen pix turned on I felt on pain, he just slipped right in and
bottomed out and started giving me a rough and wild ride on his joy
poll. He became as a wild animal rutting his mate, attached so very
securely that he lifted my back off the bed until my chest. incest daughter preteen He dropped my
legs and I attached them around his waist as he held me from underneath
with his big paws and bounced me over his groin. I was letting out moans at
first, which turned to little low screams. Soon he had me do turned on I
was muttering undistinguishable verbiage as he licked and sucked on my
nipples as he continued his rough and steady rutting. He was slobbering all
over my chest and nipples when he stiffened and shouted, "SHOOT GIRL - MAKE
YOUR PUSSY PULSATE BABE!" I had no difficulty doing as he asked as I
released my firm grip around my cock and shot my wad clear up hitting him
on the chin and neck. This set him off immediately and I felt cgiworld preteen sretops his dick
pulsate six times, filling the rubber with his skeet. I could feel the
warmth of his deposit against my pulsating pussy, way up inside. It was a
fantastic feel. I had thrown my head back, then suddenly forward,
depositing my long golden locks down over the front of my face laid over
his smooth black head and face. He just rubbed his face in it, inhaling the
scent. Wrapped in his arms, we came bleeding preteen pussy back down slowly as I kissed and sucked
on those big beautiful lips.
He carried me into the bathroom still attached, lifted me off him and on to
his toilet and told me to clean up my bottom as he pulled the rubbed off
his dick and put it to my lips. "Drink up baby," was all he said as he put
the open end between my lips and squeezed his jizz into my mouth. It was
still warm and tasty, perfect for a person on a full protein diet. He then

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Saturday, August 4th 2012

12:00 AM

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